Each garment is made-to-order. Made-to-order simply means that a garment is produced to supply an individual’s demand so we make it specially for you.

Production steps

1. Receiving Fabrics

Once payment has been received, the fabric and haberdashery is ordered and it usually takes between 1-3 working days to arrive. The supplier usually checks for faults in the fabric during these 3 days.

2.Pre-shrinkage wash

When the fabric arrives, it goes through a “relaxing process” (pre-shrinkage wash) which allows fabric to shrink so that further shrinkage during customer use is minimized. 

3. Spreading, Form Layout, and Cutting

After the fabric has been relaxed, it is transferred to the spreading and cutting area. Next, garment forms (patterns) are laid out on top of the spread. Lastly, the fabric is cut to the shape of the garment forms using manually operated cutting equipment. 

4. Embroidery and Screen Printing

The cut out panels will then be sent for embroidery or screen printing. Embroidery is performed using automated equipment, often with many machines concurrently embroidering the same pattern on multiple garments. Screen printing is the process of applying paint-based graphics to fabric using presses and textile dryers. The screen printed pieces of fabric are then dried to set the ink. 

5. Sewing

After the garment returns from the embroider/screen printer, garments are sewn and ready to be completed. 

6. Packaging and Shipping

The final step is to wrap up your new U Be You garment, and courier it to you!