About Us 

Founded in 2018, ‘U’ is a Cape Town-based label focused on designing gender-neutral clothing. Born out of a desire to create clothing that caters for everyone, we are passionate about creating high-quality, comfortable, non-conforming pieces. 


‘U’ is inspired by nostalgic street-wear and work-wear and each garment is crafted with your style and ours. 


We are a made-to-order brand that makes use of zero waste, up-cycling and dead stock  fabric techniques to create gender-neutral, non-conforming and timeless pieces while keeping the  environmental impact as low as possible. Most of our garments use 100% cotton and other carefully selected dead stock fabrics to ensure high quality and long lasting products are being produced. 


We follow the slow fashion movement, which simply means we are quality based and not time based. We try to be as sustainable as possible by having a made-to-order system which has a slower production schedule, includes limited edition collections, dead stock fabrics and zero-waste designs. Our aim is to reduce textile waste by providing our customers with fun, timeless garments that can stand the test of time.


Our motivation stems from helping to save the planet and uplifting our community and industry by adhering to sustainable practices within our industry such as fair trade, supporting local suppliers and bringing awareness to our customers about sustainability within their own home, with regards to the clothing they wear and purchase.


We understand that fashion is a really important part of ones self-expression so our clothes aim to bring out the best in people without having harmful impact on the world around them. They are designed with a sense of comfort.


We source our fabrics locally, All based in Cape Town. We use Dead stock and end-of-roll in our design which means waste material gets turned into limited edition garments. It is important for us to use material that already exists because we know that waste is one of the biggest issues in the fashion industry. We try to use leftover fabrics from previous collections when creating new designs. We also incorporate up-cycled, second-hand clothing to turn something old into something new.


We do not throw away any leftover fabric. Everything is kept and eventually used in new garments. Our business is very small and we intentionally donโ€™t produce in bulk which means our energy impact is as minimal as it can be.